It’s been 20 years since we walked the halls of Bay Shore High School;… it’s time to reconnect!   What better way than to throw a reunion party which also allows us to support the local Bay Shore community in need,

the BSHS scholarship fund and of course each other?
This is going to be a great party that you will not want to miss !!  
I want to see all your faces - let’s go !!

Bay Shore High School Class of 1997 
20-Year Reunion

Will be held on
Saturday July 29th 2017
*Newly Renovated* KOC Banquet Hall
1341 5th Ave, Bay Shore, NY 11706
Dress Code: Summer Classy Casual & Being Kind
 I promised I tried to make this night to be in everyone’s budget so you can bring your significant other, buy the airline tickets, hotels, sitters and ubers if needed, plus this venue supports those who are in need within the local Bay Shore community by feeding/clothing the poor so what is better then that...
The evening will include craft beer from Fire Island Beer Company
from our very own local Bert Fernandez,
**Seafood Raw Bar Cocktail Hour **
Full open bar (beer, liquor, wine, soda) all night long.
DJ entertainment playing a variety of 90’s hits up to today
*fun photo booth with professional photographer*
Full Buffet Dinner/Dessert to meet everyones dietary needs/appetite!
The first 50 tickets already sold out at a discounted price of $59.95
The next 51-150 tickets are now up for sale $ 69.95 
This is still massive value so please support the night!!
At the door $80 cash only so please lock in early for the big discount!!

If you do not live in the area start reaching out to your local friends to ask to use their guest room and combine costs of baby sitters and ubers, this venue can fit max 180 and I want a big turnout!

Uber is offering $20 off first time users first ride

This reunion isn’t just about getting together but also about networking and sharing our talents with eachother and supporting charity. I want to hear from all of you if you want to promote your company, private business or services.
(i.e. lawyers, doctors, real estate brokers, health insurance brokers, tutoring, hairdressers, landscapers. financial advisors etc etc, please I want to hear from you and share some ideas!) 
If you are a hero who is brave enough to be a first responder fireman, EMT, police officer or veteran please email me and let me know. CLASSOF1997@GMAIL.COM
If you cannot attend or if you are simply feeling extra generous for a good cause - Make a donation to the BSHS Class of 1997 Scholarship Award in memory of our classmates whom are no longer with us, which will be awarded to at least one graduate of the BSHS class of 2017.  
All donations are tax-deductible
Any questions, please email CLASSOF1997@GMAIL.COM
Please visit our Facebook
Bay Shore High School – Class of 97’ page
ATTENTION: Be sure to keep posting pictures on our Facebook group page. By submitting photos, you acknowledge that all individuals pictured agree to have these photos included in a slideshow that will play at the Reunion.  If you have any pictures that you don’t want to post on facebook but think its appropriate for a slideshow,  please email them to CLASSOF1997@GMAIL.COM.

When about 80 tickets have been sold more details will come out
about the additional weekend activities so please book early! 

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BSHS 97 Discounted Reunion Ticket $ 59.95
When:07/29/2017 6:30 PM -11:30PM
Where:Knights Of Columbus Bay Shore 1341 5th Avenue
Number of Tickets:Sold Out
BSHS 97' Reunion Ticket$ 69.95
When:07/29/2017 6:30 PM -11:30PM
Where:Knights Of Columbus Bay Shore 1341 5th Avenue
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Krysti Corbett
Michelle Pairan (Cangelosi)
Alison Mills (Friedman)
Michael Friedman
Gustalvo Rivas
Dawn Manzari (Breen)
Kevin Breen
Philip McGonigle
Suzanne Wegner (McGonigle)
Holly Hannah
Debra Dennis (Dale)
Sienna Delgado (Ortiz)
Roberto Richardson
Yury Feygin ((guest))
Yury Feygin
Chris Knapp
Sally Jo Knapp
Mike Ludwigsen
Theresa Mancini (Ludwigsen)
Jill Werner
William Werner
David Kelly
Laura Mirabella (Laudicina)
Peter Laudicina
Louie Malave
Raquel Acevedo (Malave)
Ron Schmidt
Doreen Timmers
Austin Voges
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